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As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting you, we have put together this section to let you know about the ways in which we help you create a great business in dropship lingerie. You will find below details about the files that are available and how to use these, also how we communicate news and information to you including regular stock updates and advice. We understand that setting up your own shop and maintaining your stocks can be confusing so we have tried to provide you with all the tools you need to get started and keep up to date with our offers making it as easy as possible.

Product information, stock levels, prices and images at your finger tips

The easiest way to add product data to your online shop is to import specific attributes using a file. The great news is that we have these prepared for you in a number of different formats. There is a file containing all the latest product data, access to all product images and a stock file with the latest stock figures for your ongoing stock management. If you decide to purchase our premium system specific files, you will find these already formatted for Shopify and WooCommerce, and work with these platform’s built-in import facility.

We also have available to you, size guides, the latest product catalogues and quick links to our communication channels so you can get set up ready to ensure you don’t miss anything new.

Once you have registered on the website you will have access to the full downloads section which can be found under my account in the top right hand corner.

Here you can freely download a full CSV or XML file of product data with descriptions, SKU’s, prices and more. You can also download all our product images and latest stock figures which are updated hourly.

Using the CSV file

What is a csv?

A CSV file (sometimes called a Character Separated Values or Comma Delimited file) is a plain text file that contains a list of data. It’s used to update your database with the latest product information and stock control. If you choose to set up your own automation, it can also be used to enable this. You can use this with any system that can import CSV files.

How do I use it?

Our CSV files include all the product data you need, such as name descriptions, SKU codes, sizes, categories, prices, and links to images. Download your file and then you may need to map the columns to your website. Our premium files specifically for Shopify and WooCommerce have the columns already mapped for you. Once the columns are mapped, you will be able to import the file into your website system (e.g Shopify or WooCommerce). Technical note: our CSV file contains the product data structured as variable products and grouped by ID and Parent ID. Manual column mapping is required to use this CSV file. There is also a column for variable and variations, the variable product will not have a price, and other size related data, and usually the SKU ends with a -G. This is the group/variable product that holds all the variations for a specific product. These products cannot be bought, the variations are the products that are purchased. For example; a product will be made up of several lines from the CVS, one will contain the variable product (usually the one ending with -G). It will have several lines for every size which will have a normal SKU code. The parent SKU column will show the SKU of the variable product (the one usually ending with -G). When importing, please make sure your server can handle the volume of the data. We suggest to choose a few products at a time to ensure the import works correctly. If you are not experienced with setting this up, you may require the services of a developer to support you.

Upgrade your account to access platform specific files

For our customers who use one of two main eCommerce platforms: Shopify and Woocommerce. A premium system specific CSV file is available for those who want a csv file formatted ready to import.
The system specific CSV file works with the default Shopify and Woocommerce built-in import facility.

An upgrade includes all the platform-specific CSV files with all the data required to upload the products to your own website, and the latest stock and image files. You’ll also find all the image downloads, with over 10,000 free-to-use images for quick and easy access.

Using stock files

The stock file is available as a csv and xml file. The files can be found in the downloads section in your account.
The stock file is updated every hour and contains each individual SKU and its quantity. This file should be checked on a regular basis to keep your own shop up to date.

Stock Automation
This stock file can be used to automate your own stock control on your website. If you are not experienced with setting this up, you may require the services of a developer to support you as this can be quite complex.
Depending on the platform you are using you might need to find a plugin to be able to automate the stock updates on your site.
Depending on your own website set up the process will be different in each case but we provide you with the SKU and quantity in the csv that you need to map to your website. If you require further support from a professional developer, we can recommend one to you, this is a chargeable service.

Above you can find the information you need to download the product information and import it to your website. For stock mamagement you can find the information above about setting up your own automation process using our stock file. It is also important to remember that periodically, it is good housekeeping to check the product file for new products or to remove any discontinued products. We have some download guides to help you throught the process here.

Getting started with product importing
Stock automation
Setting up products and stock
Maximising sales updating your products and stock

Size Guides

Our free size guides are available to download from the downloads section, here you will see one size guide image for each brand. This can help your customers to choose the correct size and we recommend you make them available to view on your site.


All the latest brand, product catalogues are available to download so that you can use these as part of your own sales promotions. These can be found in the downloads section once logged in.

Social Media

Make sure you follow us on social media. We are active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This will help provide you with information, content, ideas and shareable posts that you can use in your own marketing. You can keep up do date with the latest arrivals and stock information. Find out about service information and shipping details along with some great special offers and clearance items available.


Once you subscribe to receive our regular newsletters and email updates, you will get the latest product information, stock updates, clearance lines and news directly to your inbox. It’s a great way to keep up to speed and keep your own shop fresh.

You can find the link to subscribe and to manage your settings from the ‘My Account > Resources’ section. Or contact us to be added to the list.


Take a look at our blog section, where you will find that we post regular news items, updates and useful advice.

By frequently checking back and reading the latest posts you’ll be sure that you are up to date with the latest information from Alterego and you won’t miss out on important news.

We also share our posts in our newsletters so if you receive these, ensure you click on the read more button. If you have something you would like explaining in more detail then please get in touch and let us know so we can try to include this in our upcoming posts.

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