Product information, stock levels, prices and images at your finger tips

Once you have registered on the website you will have access to the downloads section which can be found under my account in the top right hand corner.

Here you can freely download a full CSV file of product data with descriptions, SKU’s, prices and more. You can also download all our product images and latest stock figures which are updated hourly.

Using the CSV file

What is a csv?

A CSV file (sometimes called a Character Separated Values or Comma Delimited file) is a plain text file that contains a list of data. It’s used to update your database to automate your product upload and stock control. You can use this with any system that can import CSV files.

How do I use it?

Our CSV files include all the product data you need, such as name descriptions, SKU codes, sizes, categories, prices, and links to images. Download your file, save this to your computer, then open the website system you want to import the file into (e.g Shopify or WooCommerce).Once imported, you need to use the latest stock file in order to see the most up to date stock levels. You can download this at intervals of your choice to keep the latest stock levels visible.Technical note: our CSV file contains the product data structured as variable products and grouped by ID and Parent ID. Manual column mapping is required to use this CSV file.

Need help?

We are here to answer your questions and support you through the process of setting up your own online shop.

Please contact our technical team if you need assistance or have any queries using the website

Upgrade your account to access platform specific files

For our customers who use one of two main eCommerce platforms: Shopify and Woocommerce. A premium system specific CSV file is available for those who want a csv file formatted ready to import.
The system specific CSV file works with the default Shopify and Woocommerce built-in import facility.

An upgrade includes all the platform-specific CSV files with all the data required to upload the products to your own website, and the latest stock and image files. You’ll also find all the image downloads, with over 10,000 free-to-use images for quick and easy access.

Using stock files

The stock file is available as a csv and xml file. The files can be found in the downloads section in your account.
The stock file is updated every hour and contains each individual SKU and its quantity. This file should be checked on a regular basis to keep your own shop up to date.

If you require any further information on our resources please Contact us.