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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. We have a UK-based, purpose-built warehouse and hold more than 3,000 unique products in stock. Size and colour variation result in over 30,000 stock-keeping units (SKUs).

Our products fall into two stock types:

•STOCK LINES: Products are available all year round. This makes up the majority of our products.
• DISCONTIUNED LINES: Products are only available to order while stocks last.

Yes. Stock levels are updated every hour.

We would only suggest this if you have already read our guides and you are still unsure about how to do the stock updates.

There are guides available from our resources page about updating stock. The stock file is updated every hour and is available for your use.

Yes, if you have chosen to update the stock levels automatically.


Yes. They include descriptions, SKU’s, prices and more.

Yes. We supply files with all our product information listed in both an XML and CSV format. This information is refreshed every hour and can be found in the ‘Your Account Dashboard’ resources tab once you have logged in. If you require any further information on our resources please contact our customer services team at

Only the premium files are in a format ready to upload to Shopify and WooCommerce. When downloading the free files, you will need to map the columns out before uploading them to your website.

No, you can filter the files so that you can choose which products you would like to display on your website. For more information, go to our resources section on our website and click on the ‘guides to help with product files’.

No. There are two steps to set up the products on your website. Step one includes adding your products to the website. If you chose to pay for the premium files, they are ready to be uploaded to your website one you have checked the column mapping is correct for your site. However, if you download the free files, you need to column map all of them before you upload them to your website. The next step is to set up stock management on your website. To do this you download the stock file which is updated every hour and you can update your stock levels (we recommend you do this automatically).

To add new products onto your website, simply download the latest full product file, filter the file and you will then only need to upload the latest products.

You will also want to remove products if they have been discontinued which will have to be done manually.

Yes, you will need to download the latest product file to see which products you will need to add.

Yes, you will need to download the CSV file which has all the products in it which can then be mapped and uploaded to your website.

The files are all set up for variable products. All the products are variable.

Yes, all the files have categories. Only the premium file for Shopify has the categories going onto Shopify’s collections. Categories will have to be mapped before uploading to your website.

There are many systems available, too many to recommend. You should look for something that is compatible with your own system.

Yes, if you have chosen to update the stock levels automatically.

If you are struggling to understand how to get the products on the website, then you may want to get a developer’s help. Although we have guides on our resources section of the website which may help you.

It depends on which files you choose to download. For the premium files, you may have to do some column mapping for yourself but for the free files, you will need to map all the columns.

No, this is not automated. You have to manually place your order on Alterego’s website.

This depends on your current setup, also it matters where and how you want to use the barcodes as to how you create the settings.

As a general suggestion, you will need to add an additional field to your product for the barcode, and update these by matching the SKU. This process is like the stock update, but it only needs to be done once.

The use of the barcode should be considered carefully as it is not always required and depends on your own processes. Using the barcode can be complex and further technical support maybe required from a retail expert.

Delivery & Returns

Orders received before 1pm Monday-Friday are guaranteed for same day dispatch.

Yes. We offer a great range of guaranteed next day services. Choose your preferred delivery method at checkout. Please feel free to contact our customer services team for any advice on this.

As a business-to-business supplier, and due to the nature of the products we sell, we only accept returns in the event of a manufacturing fault. You will be required to create your own retail returns policy for your customers.

Please see link to our returns page.

Yes. We have been providing a drop ship service since 2007 and can ship your orders worldwide. Please enter the delivery address of your customer at the checkout stage and we will post it for you. This service is available on our full product range. Further information can be found on our dropship page
If you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team:

No paperwork is included with orders unless you choose to upload your own document at the checkout stage then we can print and include this with the order.

All prices quoted are exclusive of any UK VAT for orders being shipped outside of the UK. However, there may be tax/duty to pay once your order arrives in its destination country. Each country has its own tax/duty regulations and it is advisable that you check what the costs are likely to be. Your order with us excludes any tax/duty payable, which is your responsibility.

Orders being shipped B2C (drop-ship) to the EU on a None IOSS basis with a value of up to 150 Euro / £135 are unlikely to be subject to import duty, however, they will be subject to VAT on arrival in the destination country. Customs clearance and VAT will be charged at the local countries VAT rate and will be collected by the clearance agent / courier from the end consumer (your customer). Please note that if you have requested us to ship an order directly to your customer in an EU Country, it will be on a None IOSS basis. If the shipment is returned to us due to unpaid charges, we will apply a fee of £25.00 plus VAT per order to cover return courier costs, handling and admin fee.

New EU VAT Rules – What are they, and what do they mean for you when you ask us to ship an order to the EU? – Alterego Lingerie (


We are happy for you to use the images to promote and sell our products. Any watermarks and copyright information must NOT be removed from the image and images may not be used to promote or sell products on auction websites.

Images may not be used to promote or sell products on auction websites.

All images can be downloaded from the account dashboard on the website once you are logged into your account.

No, they are included in the files that you download from the resources page.

The CSV file contains links to all the images. When the column is mapped and imported it will show the correct image.

Account Settings

Yes. You can change your password by going to ‘Your Dashboard’ and clicking on ‘Account Information’. Alternatively, if you click the ‘Login’ link, you will be given the option to receive a ‘reset password’ link.

Yes. Once you have logged in to your account, please go to ‘My Account’. You can amend your details from the ‘Your Dashboard’ screen.


Yes. Please contact our Customer Services desk. Our opening hours are 9.00am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday (UK time). An answer machine service operates outside these hours. The telephone number is 0845 094 6603 / International +44 (0)845 094 6603.

Yes. Once registered, you’ll receive regular newsletters with all our new product launches. Latest additions can also be viewed on our new arrivals page.

Yes, there is however there will be a charge for this service. There is a customer service team that will be happy to help and provide free advice. Here are the contact details.

Int. telephone: +44 1482 623934

United Kingdom: 01482 623934


Payment can be made at the checkout using your debit card, credit card, bank transfer or PayPal.

Yes. You can pay in any of these above currencies using your debit card, credit card, by bank transfer or via PayPal.


We regularly clear discontinued stock and have some genuine money saving bargains. These can be viewed via the clearance tab on the homepage.

Each product and size is colour coordinated to show its stock status:

GREEN: this item is in stock.
AMBER: this item is in stock, but stock levels are low.
RED: this item is out of stock or sold out.