With Alterego, you’ll be supported by a team who take pride in working with you to understand how we can help your business to grow.

To help you succeed with our handpicked product range, take a look at our top tips to take your business to the next level:

Expand into new markets

New markets provide great paths for growth. Yet every new market opportunity is different. For some companies, it’s about international trade and exporting for greater revenue and profit growth. For others, it may be looking for opportunities from a specific target audience, or building business by working closely with large companies. Deciding what you want to achieve will help you select which market to choose for expansion.

Consider Finance Options

Finance is a critical part of business, whether to fund a new venture or as part of a growth strategy. Yet accessing it can be difficult. As a company, you have more finance options available to you than just your principal clearing banks. Government advice portals help you find out how to access affordable and appropriate finance. They also provide information on dealing with late payments and more general guidance on working with banks.

Have an eCommerce website

Your website is arguably the most important part of your eCommerce business. As the first port of call for your customers, it’s your shopfront so must deliver your strong company image. It also needs to perform well so customers can search, browse and order with ease. A professionally designed and developed eCommerce site will result in happy, repeat customers and increased sales.

Be present on social media

Social media is a great way engage with new and existing customers. A strong presence online builds a name for your brand with a great reputation, provides a platform for building connections and is an ideal tool for showcasing products to customers across the world.

Get the right support

It’s exciting when your business grows quickly. Yet managing and directing your fast-paced growth is a challenge. You don’t want to lose pace by trying to achieve all your success alone. Scaling-up a business requires skills, judgement and guidance, so access the resources and support available to you online. Partner companies, like us, will also be on-hand to offer you advice.