Updated 7th July 2021 @ 09.45

Please note that we will continue to update this page on a regular basis as the finer details of the Brexit deal and the changes in doing business with Europe continue to emerge, so please check this page on a regular basis.

Updated 7th July 2021

The new VAT collection scheme, called Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS) came into affect on the 1st July 2021. This scheme covers the collection of VAT at the point of purchase for B2C sales in any EU country up to an order value of of €150 or £135. Here is a succinct guide All you need to know about the Import One-Stop-Shop (IOSS). As Alterego supplies goods on an B2B basis, the new IOSS scheme is not applicable to its sales transactions. We will continue to ship orders on behalf of our customers (drop-ship) to EU countries, however, this will be on a none IOSS basis. Please see our blog post for further information.

Update 18th February 2021

Since the UK left the EU there have been transportation holdups with the main freight carriers. This is causing some delays for both exporting goods into the EU and importing products from the EU into the UK. The delays are primarily due to customs clearance and paperwork issues as officials and freight carriers on both sides of the channel become accustomed to and are able to fully embed the new procedures. We do have replenishment stock in transit and would like to express our sincere thanks to you for your patience during this UK – EU transition period.  

UPDATE 5th February 2021 – Inbound Shipment Delays

The new customs declaration processes are causing delays in the movement of goods in both directions across the Chanel. Alterego work’s with manufacturers in several European Countries and following the UK’s exit from the EU, the new customs procedures for moving goods into the UK is causing delays. We are working closely with manufacturers and courier options to minimise this disruption and replenish stock as soon as possible. Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused by these temporary delays whilst the new customs processes become established.

UPDATE 21st January 2021 – Shipping Resumed to EU Countries

Shipping from the UK to the EU has now resumed. As you know VAT is no longer charged for orders being shipped to an EU address. When an order arrives in the destination EU country it maybe subject to clearance charges along with Tax/VAT charged at that countries rate. To see European Union Country specific Tax/VAT rates please CLICK HERE

UPDATE 13th January 2021 – Shipping Services SUSPENDED To The EU

All Shipments to the EU have been suspended whilst the 20th January 2021. This is due to shipping providers experiencing technical difficulties. They are working closely with the UK Government to ensure their New Computerised Transit System (NCTS) meets their needs. However, this has had its challenges since 1 January and the shipping companies are doing everything possible to minimise the impact this is having on their service to Europe. We will keep you updated as soon as services to the EU resume.

Alterego Services to the EU

As from the 1st January 2021, we will continue to ship orders to European countries. This includes orders being placed and shipped to a business based in the EU or customers in any other country wishing to drop ship orders to their EU based customers. As the ‘exporter’ we have an EORI number which will be used for all orders we ship to an EU address.

Customs Clearance, Duty & VAT

There are however some changes:
All Orders being Shipped to the EU will now be Zero Rated for Valued Added Tax (VAT). PLEASE NOTE HOWEVER: The Cost of your order does not include any VAT, customs clearance charges or Duty (if applicable) that maybe payable in the receiving country. Duty maybe charged on certain products entering the EU which are of none UK or EU origin (the majority of our products are of EU origin, however, certain brands / products are not and therefore may not qualify as ‘tariff free’ on entering an EU Country.

Delivery Duty Paid

We do not currently offer a Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) service (This service means that the seller is responsible for delivering the cargo to the final destination, and paying the import duty, taxes, and customs clearance. Once the cargo arrives at the destination, the responsibility transfers to the buyer).

We do however, plan to explore the feasibility of offering this service in the future.

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